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Kamuka Closure Announcement

5 years ago, at the age of 20 my boss gave me the opportunity to start my own brand should i have the courage. Excitedly, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and ran with it and that is how i have always ran this business - with courage, authenticity and passion. In 5 years, we have successfully ran an Australian made brand, bought to the market leading edge technologies such as K-Grip and Reversible activewear, and created a loyal community. In the past few months, I have taken some time to reflect on the amazing journey of Kamuka, as well as my own journey and the importance of growing and pivoting to follow your passion. So, it is with this same, courageous, young, authentic and passionate heart that i announce the end of this chapter for me, and the closure of Kamuka. I invite you to join me in CELEBRATING all we have created together and to shop our SALE to ensure you get your hands on a last piece of Kamuka.

Thank you for your unwavering belief in our brand.

Huge Love, Sarah xo

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