About Us

[ Kah-Moo-Kah ]
1. To desire
2. Desire to be free
3. Desire to be yourself
Driven by the desire to create a brand to inspire women to “Live Free, Move Free”, Kamuka was founded by Sarah Puckeridge in sunny Sydney in 2014. Growing up by the ocean, with an adventurous soul and paintbrush in her hand, Sarah has created a brand that reflects a happy, healthy and balanced life. In 2014, Kamuka proudly launched their printed Yoga Mat range, followed shortly by the introduction of a World First grip technology ‘K-GRIP’.
As a natural progression, Kamuka launched their first collection of Activewear in mid 2015. In May 2017, Kamuka launched their reversibles range, featuring a 2-sided print, aiming to provide women with a creative, world first activewear option. This addition to the Kamuka product line has put the brand at the top of the activewear industry for innovation. In 2018, Sarah took a step back and asked some tough questions about how to develop as a brand, and made the choice to phase out Kamuka's much loved Activewear line. 
"The core of our business, and the reason I started Kamuka was to, create and produce innovative yoga mats and pieces to compliment the beautiful practice of Yoga".
Nowadays, Kamuka's success is Australia's go-to destination for Yoga Mats and Essentials. 
Kamuka is nestled under the roof of a printing house which enables a seamless creative process when it comes to the design and development stages of new products. All products are proudly Australian made, and Kamuka takes great pride in their ethical practices for producing products.
With a lot of ideas in the works, and exciting seasons ahead Kamuka continues to demonstrate its significance as a go-to label for all yoga essentials.
Welcome to the family.